IHC Handling Systems V.O.F
  • Jacket Pile Grippers
  • Internal Lifting Tools
  • Hydraulic Shackles
  • Pipeline Recovery Tools

IHC Handling Systems is a business unit of IHC Merwede, a group that includes, among others, the world market leader in standard and custom-built dredgers and associated equipment.

IHC Handling Systems has more than 50 year experience in the oil and gas market, starting in 1955 with the activities of our welders and mechanics on board of the drilling jack-up “Shelf Driller”. Since then, our activities have been directed mainly by the oil and gas industry with particular emphasis on the design and supply of offshore equipment and services. Together with our sister company IHC Hydrohammer, specialised in on- and offshore hydraulic piling hammers, we form the cluster IHC Foundation & Support. This cluster offers you a one stop shopping address for the rental or purchase of all necessary installation equipment related to offshore projects.